25 Refreshing Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscape

25 Refreshing Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscape

The water flow rate is adjustable, and you’ll love the soothing sounds of running water that it creates. This stacked-stone water feature functions as an art piece that’s visible from the patio, deck and even indoors. A unique decoration around the spigot of a fountain can elevate an otherwise simple outdoor water feature. Here, a fish-like creature adds an element of whimsy that draws the eye. A focal point helps pull a garden space together, and a water feature makes an especially appealing one. In this backyard, a fountain serves as a stunning centerpiece in a circular bed packed with blooming perennials and groundcovers.

This lion wall fountain is rated for indoor or outdoor use. Give your garden a touch of elegance with this range of our wall fountains. These garden fountains are incredibly custom-made to tailor fit the preferences of our valued clients with perfection. The Allure water feature for garden with a rock-stone design. Its bowls are laid gracefully atop one another, with water cascading onto each…

This buzz of wildlife will also attract children to investigate, which can play a vital role in stimulating their interest in science and nature. But, of course, safety comes first, so consider this before you decide to introduce one. What’s more, a fountain can provide a more permanent addition to a garden than some plants and other features.

Create your own tranquil outdoor space with a garden pond. Whether you’re looking to maintain a pond or just getting started, we’ve got a pond solution for you. Dolphin Stone Fountain is yet another contemporary aquatic design with three fishes entangled in each other showering water and creating a soothing experience to your senses. The artistic elegance of this fountain truly depicts the craftsmanship of its artisans. The statuary figures of fishes is a pattern which suits all kinds of decors coinciding with the purpose of providing exquisite range of residential or commercial garden ornamental.

Let your personal style show by going with a cute or classy selection, or something in between. Small details can add visual interest to a big, bold water feature. For example, a closer look at this fountain reveals delicate patterns around the simple faucet that can be admired from the nearby seating area. Expand your repertoire of plants in your yard with a water garden. Beautiful aquatic blooms and fun foliage will be a focal point.

When building a custom water feature, you can make it any shape, size or style to completely customize the look to your landscape setting. The 4-tier cascading solar powered fountain feature with LED lights is a beautiful piece that will add extra character to your garden space. An intricate water feature wraps the entire back end of this dream house; water spills over a brick wall, encircles the patio, flows underneath the breezeway and empties into a fish pond. A raised pond at the head of the feature provides the drop needed for water to flow well and create more waterfall sound. The feature uses a careful mix of large boulders, medium rocks and small pebbles for a natural appearance. Selecting extra-large plant material makes the brand-new house and landscape look already well established and will soon provide privacy from the neighbors.

A narrow pool of water adds a bold element to any landscape. Here, the mostly monochromatic color scheme complements the sleek style of the water feature. Line the pool with repeating clusters of plants such as evergreens and hostas to create a relaxing, symmetrical spectacle. A pondless waterfall is a low maintenance way of adding a water feature to your landscape.

We have the biggest range of water features in the UK with many unique designs you won’t find anywhere else, so be sure to explore to find the perfect water feature to complement your garden. We present all the art & nature lovers a marvelous series ofGarden Wall Fountainsthat are created in synchronization with mesmerizing patterns and looks. Wall fountains create an attractive appearance and ambience in the desired area of installation whether home or garden.

Every design with us is conceived, conceptualized and crafted matching up at par with our client requisitions and expectations. Therefore, we ensure that every artwork we deliver should be one of its own kinds. The impeccable beauty of these fountains is combined with utility due to its special durability feature.

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