Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Useful down to the smallest detail and beautiful to look at. A bright and beautifully presented ensuite guest’s bathroom in a luxury new home. Light purple towels add a flash of colour to the white decor. Open rectangular plastic container with foil and transparent lid. Vector labeled empty square container for butter, melted cheese or margarine spread. Rows of stones and bamboo plant stands besides the tub.

With a bathtub tray, you don’t have to stress about where you’re gonna put your bathtime necessities. Your book and wine glass don’t have to chill on the floor, nor do they have to sit on the corner of your tub at risk of toppling over into the water when you have one of these gems. Think of it as a whole-ass table made to fit on your tub—but less bulky. This extendable bath tray features a variety of slots for tablets and books, candles, wine glasses and towels. This beech bath caddy has not one buttwowine glass holders at either end, for when the working day renders that necessary. visit the website for more details.

Our Royal Craft long-term tester has enjoyed the look and the amount of space on the tray, but he noted the large size made it hard to store. He found it needed to be stored flat to keep the soap dish from falling out. This meant it fit only in a linen closet in his home, and this also made him less likely to use it.

This sleek steel caddy comes in several metal finishes. It also has adjustable knobs that lock the arms in place so that you don’t have to resize it every time you use it. A view of the underside of the Yamazaki tray with the optional deep compartments attached; they can hold items like razors or toothbrushes. The Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy has smartly placed accessory slots and drain holes, as well as a stemmed-glass holder. Keeping common bathtub widths in mind , we avoided both massive, cumbersome trays and those that were too small to be functional. Nobody wants to struggle to move a bath caddy around while they’re submerged in the tub.

The arms are easy to push in and out, and they stay wedged inside unless you squeeze them to remove them. A bathtub tray should be wide enough to place securely on both sides of the tub. Standard bathtubs are about 30 inches wide, though they can be anywhere from 28 inches to nearly 40 inches wide.

“”It might be nice to have a tray with a stand for books, iPads, etc.,”” she says. “”If it’s used for wine and snacks, you’d want something to accommodate a safe spot for a wine glass.”” While some bathtub trays are unilaterally dimensional, some feature multiple levels. Others feature unique characteristics like grooves to keep your soap from slipping, cutouts for glasses, or metal bars to hold tablets or books, among other things. These additions may not be necessary, but they may be helpful depending on your needs. Crafted with rust-resistant iron, this silver bathtub caddy includes adjustable compartments for electronics, a book, and a wine glass.

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