Carbonless Premier Paper & Packaging

Carbonless Premier Paper & Packaging

Due to the steady rise in costs for raw materials and energy the producer of high quality communication papers Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe announces a price increase for Giroform carbonless paper. The price increase of 7% applies for deliveries from 1 June 2012. Our customers will be informed by our sales teams, who will provide any further information that might be required. The coating layer is composed of microcapsules that contain dissolved, colourless colour formers.

Giroform Digital is the first carbonless paper to be approved by the Rochester Institute of Technology for use on both the HP Indigo and the Kodak Nexpress system. Giroform paper is a high quality, carbonless paper with exceptional copy intensity. Suitable for printing on most laser printers and copiers it is a must for anyone wanting multipart forms or pads.

Once you have finished adding stocks go to MY SAMPLES and enter your details and we will send you samples and/or mock-ups of your requested stock choices. Please read this message before you proceed onto this website, the Premier Paper Group is a distributor to the UK market only and subsequently do not export any products or services outside of the UK. In 1994, founders Ed and Doug Stansberry had a vision for their industry deliver custom solutions at competitive prices, with unparalled personal service and unwavering ethics. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. This product is stocked in jumbo reels and converted to a selection of sizes.

Suitable for use on all common toner printing systems, b/w copiers and printing systems in the business solutions sector. In giroform DIGITAL we have developed a universal 80 gsm carbonless grade for the digital production of individual, personalised forms and documents. From computer paper to cleaning supplies to corrugated boxes,premier paper & packaging offers a variety of products. But our specialty product, a revolutionary new carbonless paper called giroform, offers the most unique benefits to your company. From computer paper to cleaning supplies to corrugated boxes, premier paper & packaging offers a variety of products.

For form sets with more than two sheets another sheet grade is required as a middle sheet. Giroform Ultra is a lighter grade of high performance carbonless paper that allows larger sets of copy sheets to be created. CFB – this sheet serves as the middle or intermediate sheet in the form set and is coated on the front side with an absorbent receiving coating. During writing the released colour formers are absorbed and create an immediate colour reaction on the front of the sheet.

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