Home Remedies For Mange in Dogs – Simple Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs

Home Remedies For Mange in Dogs – Simple Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs

Home remedies for mange in dogs, when it comes to the cure of this disease, should only be considered as an option if the owner is aware of how and why this infection occurs. Click here to know more about Colloidal Silver. If your dog has been infected by mange, then it would be in your best interest to consult your veterinarian, for you will definitely need to take corrective measures.

Usually, mange in dogs can occur because of a weakened dog’s immune system, or even an allergic reaction. This reaction may not always be visible, but if you notice any symptoms such as hair loss, excessive shedding, or blood on the floor, then you should consult your vet. He will most likely advise you to get your dog some supplements, to help boost its immune system.

Some of the most common home remedies for mange in dogs include vinegar and onion. In fact, many owners prefer to use these kinds of home remedies, simply because they are known to be very effective in boosting a dog’s immune system. Also, they are less expensive than the alternative, which is prescribed medications. If you opt for these home remedies, make sure that the vinegar and onion you use contain no harmful elements that could harm your dog or put it at risk.

Another home remedy for mange in dogs, which also boosts your dog’s immune system, is garlic. Simply cut a piece of garlic into very small pieces. You should then mix it with some water. This mixture is known to have excellent anti-fungal properties, and could potentially cure your dog of mange.

But one of the most interesting home remedies for mange in dogs is the idea of applying garlic oil to the infected areas. The idea here is simple – all you need is a fresh clove of garlic, and olive oil, and some plain water. Make sure that the garlic oil is completely dried before applying it, because it will turn black if it is still warm when it gets applied to the infected dog.

However, before applying the garlic oil to the dog’s infected areas, it is important that the dog’s nails and skin are well-tended. This will prevent the oil from spreading on the dog’s skin. Once the garlic oil is properly applied to the dog’s skin, it should then be rinsed off carefully.

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